We Can Easily Solve All Of The Support, Billing And Licensing Problems You’re Having With Microsoft Office 365

More often than not, companies like yours have been sold the WRONG plan because their IT provider has little to no knowledge about Microsoft’s complex licensing plans. This results in all sorts of problems and overpayment.

As a Microsoft CSP and software asset management certified partner, we can not only save you between 3% and 7% of the standard licensing fees, but also eliminate the billing and customer support nightmares of Office 365. I – along with my team - have deep experience with Microsoft’s licensing and can help you select the RIGHT plan for your organization, helping you to avoid over paying or getting more than you need. I can also provide you advanced, senior-level IT support for Office 365 and help you eliminate any of the problems, frustrations, bottlenecks and confusion around the product AND can deliver customized training for you and select members of your team to get the most out of Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud technologies.

Top 7 Benefits of using VileTech Computer Solutions for your Microsoft solutions.

  1. Flexible and simplified monthly billing on all of your Microsoft Cloud Services per user
    • Which means you are in full control of your spending. Only pay for what you need and you can increase or decrease your licenses on the spot and at any time
  1. Cost-effective pricing provided through tailor made packages to suit your business’ cloud needs
    • Never pay too much by purchasing the wrong products or purchasing them “a`la carte.” We evaluate your needs and determine which product or package is best for you and your company.
  1. Improved levels of administrator and user support.
    • We will never ‘lock’ you in or force you to stay with us if you ever decide to leave. You will continue to have full access to Admin portal to decide how much control you want and what you want us to control or support.
  2. Saves your IT department time in designing, planning and deploying components.
    • Extra time that can be allocated in more strategic business initiatives. By leveraging the expertise of VileTech Computer Solutions, we manage your project from design to deployment.
  3. LOCAL support for employees and IT departments
    • You will never have to wait on hold or passed from department to department again. VileTech Computer Solutions will be your first and last stop for all your Office 365 support needs.
  1. Visibility and Guidance.
    • You won’t be charged for a service that you don’t require. Working with VileTech Computer Solutions, we already know and understand your business and ensures that this never happens.
  2. Manage your software licenses, including renewals and software upgrades
    • Never lose licenses or spend hours figuring out which license is for which user. We track, manage and document all your licenses for you. We even provide access to your information through our cloud reporting software so you can download them at any time.